You are personally invited on a private tour with Horseback 2 the Sea, where you can travel the old-fashioned way.

We are privileged to offer rides to some of Hawaii's most beautiful and secluded beaches. We take people into the famous Papakolea, or "Greensands"and South Manuka Beaches for  five-hour expeditions that include lunch, refreshments, and time to relax at the beach. We do hourly rides, two-hour rides, and sunset rides at Southpoint on the sandy trails around the southernmost place in the whole United States. Each tour is a great opportunity for riders with no previous riding experience and for advanced riders alike to have fun, gain experience, and learn about Hawaii from our expert guides as well as see the beautiful places that you cannot access by car or find in a guidebook or tour map. 


"You can find what man made from the window in your car, but to see what God made, enjoy the view from the back of a horse."




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5 hour tour including lunch on the beach= $305

Adventure to a secluded beach near majestic Manuka, where you will be served a delicious Hawaiian-style picnic lunch and refreshments. You will have time to lounge on the beach, explore surprising natural wonders, or get some alone time with your special someone.  Your friendly guide can snap the shots while you ride or pose for scenic pictures with the horses. This is an adventure to remember!

Dive Right In

Roundtrip lift to Greensands Beach, including cool refreshments = $295


"Way better than walking to the beach!"

Greensands Beach

Rides Available:
1. Greensands 5 Hour with lunch = $295
2. 3 hour ride = $275
2. 2 hour ride = $240
3. 1 hour ride = $140

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About Horseback 2 the Sea

Romance and fun in the sun

Horseback to the Sea has the only horseback tours available south of Waikoloa.  You can choose between adventures to secluded remote beaches, riding to a private waterfall or to gorgeous Greensands Beach,  and hourly trail riding in the southernmost region in the nation, Southpoint, U.S.A.