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1. Greensands' Tour: $295 for 5 hours with lunch​​​​​​​

Get to Greensands' Beach the better way, BY HORSEBACK!. Why walk a grueling 2.3 miles in the heat and dust or ride crowded like a sardine standing in the bed of an old truck when you could breeze there carried by a magnificent and sure-footed horse? Arrive in style and having fun riding our lovely, well-behaved horses!  5 miles Total

2. South Manuka Beaches:  $305 for five hours with lunch

From our home location, ride down to the most secluded beaches that you will not find on the map. Walk barefoot in smooth sand for 80, 150, and 130 yards, each beach secluded and full of natural wonders, such as a freshwater lagoon hidden inside of a cave! 2 hour lunch. 8 miles total.

 3. Hourly Rides at Southpoint:  $140 for an hour on the trails and a fifteen-minute lesson before we head out. Make a loop around the scenic coastline trails along the water's edge and accross grassy plains on sandy, wide trails with every moment being a perfect photo backdrop. About 2 miles.

4. Sunset Ride:  $140 for an hour plus a fifteen minute lesson. The same as the hourly rides at Southpoint, just before the sun sets. About 2 miles

ride horses on the beach
beautiful sunset horseback riding on the beach
seeing the ocean from horseback
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